Yan Qin

Yan (Fiona) Qin received her M.A. degree in Communication University of China, majoring in Communication Methodology. She is pursuing her Ph.D in Communication with an emphasis in health and media effects, particularly the use of traditional and emerging media in shaping health behaviors and health values. Her research interests include health and risk communication campaigns, women’s health and cultural study. Her focus now is on the dissemination of health information, and the effects of this information on health and risk beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. She also wants her research to reflect an ecological approach to health communication, considering particular subgroups such as women. She wants to use multiple methods, both qualitative and quantitative, to conduct a more in-depth analysis of demographically defined groups that can include a thoughtful consideration of the role of culture and social norms, in the hope to eliminate disparities existing between different population subgroups on a wide range of health-related outcomes and behaviors, as well as conditions that affect health. She currently wants to explore HPV-related issues.

Contact: qy318@hotmail.com