Brooke Liu

Dr. Brooke Liu’s research investigates how effective risk and crisis communication can optimally prepare the public to respond to and recover from disasters. In recent years, her research has focused on the unique roles that governments’ social/new media can play in building community resilience. Her quantitative and qualitative research has been published in the field’s leading journals such as Communication Research, the Journal of Applied Communication Research, and the Journal of Public Relations Research. Dr. Liu’s research has been funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Defense (DOD), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, and the Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication. Dr. Liu serves on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Risk Communication Advisory Committee and directs the Risk Communication and Resilience Research Program at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), a DHS Center of Excellence.


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