Christine Bruhn

Dr. Christine Bruhn is recognized nationally and internationally for her programs in consumer behavior, food science, and food safety. As Director of the Center for Consumer Research and Consumer Food Marketing Specialist in the Department of Food Science and Technology, she studies consumer attitudes toward food safety and quality and guides educational programs that inform consumers about new products and technologies. Her research includes consumer attitudes toward food safety and labeling, consumer food handling in the home, and innovations used by the food industry to increase food safety. Dr. Bruhn has authored over 150 professional papers on consumer attitudes toward food. Dr. Bruhn is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists in the United States and the Institute of Food Science and Technology in the United Kingdom, and the International Association for Food Protection. She has provided consultations to the FAO and WHO on food safety and food irradiation. In 2011 Dr. Bruhn completed a four year term on the FDA Risk Communication Advisory Committee.