CHRC Hosts the Inaugural Mini-conference


Photo: The inaugural mini-conference of CHRC Research groups

On November 8th, 10 am-12 pm, the inaugural mini-conference of CHRC Research groups is successfully held in Skinner 0200. This event is open to all faculty, students, staff, and affiliates of the Department of Communication. Five research groups showcase their wonderful projects that have been going on in the CHRC research group in the past year:

Opioid Addiction: Prevention & Stigma Reduction

  • Junhan Chen, Victoria Ledford (Presenter), Jungkyu Lim, *Kang Namkoong, &Yan Qin

“I Lose, I Gain” vs. “They Lose, They Gain”: The Influence of Message Framing on Donation Intention

  • Allison Chatham, *Jiyoun Kim, Lingyan Ma, & Yuan Wang (Presenter)

How the National Weather Service Builds Relationships with Core Partners: Coordinating Across Multiple Partners to Communicate Uncertain Scientific Information

  • Allison Chatham, *Brooke Liu, *Anita Atwell Seate, Samantha Stanley (Presenter), & Yumin Yan

How do Visuals Convey Distant Suffering? A Content Analysis of the Framing of Visuals on Disaster Aid Organizations’ Social Media

  • *Sun Young Lee, Jungkyu Lim (Presenter), & Duli Shi

Food Safety Risk Communication in the Age of Social Media

  • Haley Dick, *Xiaoli Nan (Presenter), Samantha Stanley, *Leah Waks, Xiaojing Wang, Yuan Wang, & Ben Yehuda

*Faculty Mentors

CHRC Research Group promotes research collaboration in CHRC’s core areas (health, risk, and science communication) among COMM faculty and students. Over the past year, the five research teams conduct diverse projects unified by the topic of the year – Emergency Risk Communication. CHRC holds monthly meetings where all the teams participated to share their progress and give each other suggestions. Our group members are now moving forward with manuscript preparation and submissions. We hope the CHRC Research Group will work as a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration within the Department of Communication and beyond!