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Promoting Adolescent HPV Vaccination among African American Parents through Message Framing

Principal Investigator: Xiaoli Nan Co-Investigators: Cheryl Holt, School of Public Health, UMCP; Min Qi Wang, School of Public Health, UMCP’ Shana Ntiri, School of Medicine, UMB; and Clement Adebamowo, School of Medicine, UMB Funding Source: National Cancer Institute; $2,212,269 (2018-2023) Summary: The 2014 President’s Cancer Panel called underuse of HPV vaccines “a serious, but correctable threat to […]

Reducing Defensive Reactions to Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels through Self-Affirmation

Principal Investigator: Xiaoli Nan Co-Investigators: Robert Feldman, James Butler, Min Qi Wang Funding Source: National Cancer Institute; $357,552 (2014-2017) Summary: The overarching purpose of the proposed research is to harness new developments in psychological and communication sciences to address a key obstacle in communication-based smoking cessation efforts – the tendency for smokers to react defensively toward […]

Risk Communication During Food Recalls

Principal Investigator: Xiaoli Nan Co-Investigators: Linda Verrill, Kelly Daily, Jarim Kim Summary: Public health professionals have sought to understand the determinants of public perceptions related to food contamination risks in order to develop more effective means of communicating the risk of foodborne illnesses to consumers. In one study (N = 1,010), we investigated the impact […]

Integrating Diffusion of Innovations Theory to Develop a Women’s Health Social Marketing Initiative

Principal Investigator: Beth Sundstrom Funding Source: The Brown University Healthy Communities Initiative Summary: This dissertation study integrates diffusion of innovations theory with social marketing to better understand women’s health and the health of their families. This study seeks to understand what women know, believe, value, and say will help them to improve their health and […]