The CHRC team includes experts in various fields such as health and risk communication, mass media, public relations, persuasion and social influence, interpersonal communication, and intercultural communication. Our team is specialized in the study of communication processes and effects related to health and risk issues such as food safety and nutrition, health risks, environmental hazards, and disasters. We also offer a wide variety of methodological expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research.

We provide consulting and/or assistance to the following aspects of research:

Experimental and Survey Research Design: We have expertise in experimental and survey design. CHRC is equipped with a research lab where we can conduct experimental research in a carefully controlled setting or accommodate a number of participants to complete computer surveys. CHRC is also equipped with state-of-the-art experimental and survey software and hardware. We can collect data on thinking processes as they occur and reaction time to risk stimuli.

Focus Groups and Interviews: CHRC includes researchers trained in qualitative methods that can gather in-depth information about perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes. We can develop moderator guides, moderate focus groups, and analyze and report focus group findings using advanced data analysis techniques.

Message/Campaign Design: We can create strategic messages to inform and motivate a particular audience. We can conduct formative research to develop effective messages that are culturally appropriate as part of a larger campaign.

Campaign Implementation: We can organize programs and manage communication with various audiences. We can provide communication support for a campaign through developing promotional print and media materials and coordinating media relations.

Evaluation: We can conduct quantitative and qualitative assessments of campaigns to determine perceptions of message content and cultural appropriateness and empirically evaluate the effectiveness of a message with a particular audience.

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