Other Projects

Influence of persuasive messages and the mass media on acceptance of HPV vaccination

Investigator: Xiaoli Nan (Lead Researcher)

This project involves a series of experiments to test the impact of various message strategies and media messages on public opinions toward HPV vaccination and mandate.

Graphic warning labels

Investigator: Xiaoli Nan (Lead Researcher)

This research investigates the effectiveness of graphic warning labels on cigarette packages in the United States.

The social-mediated crisis communication model

Investigator: Brooke Liu (Lead Researcher)

Ongoing project aimed at refining and expanding a theoretical model that provides guidelines for effectively integrating new media into crisis management.

Effective crisis recovery strategies

Investigator: Brooke Liu (Lead Researcher)

Interview study aimed at benchmarking what are effective strategies for crisis recovery as well as the unmet research needs.

HPV vaccine media coverage in the context of the Republican primary debates

Investigator: Kelly Madden (Lead Researcher)

This project employs the Health Belief Model to evaluate the inclusion of key health information related to vaccination in the news and media coverage that followed the 2012 Republican primary debates.

Toward a model of audience-directed health communication

Investigator: Beth Sundstrom (Lead Researchers)

This project explores individuals’ perceptions and attitudes related to four health care reform advertisements.

The role of efficacy in fear and anger appeals

Investigator: Jill Underhill (Lead Researcher)

This research examines the joint effect(s) of emotional appeal, intensity of the appeal, and efficacy beliefs on risk perceptions, attitudes, and behavioral intention.